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Hikers Help Rescue ‘In-Training’ Service Pup Who Was Missing For Nearly Two Months

Golden, Colorado – A pup, in training to be a service dog, disappeared nearly two months ago after she got spooked and wiggled out of her walking gear. Ongoing searches for the Bernese Mountain dog, named Nova, were fruitless and her owner, Robyn Simons-Sealy, was losing hope.

Fast forward to November 19…hikers encountered an injured dog on a trail in Meyers Ranch Park. The dog was alone and clearly in need of help, but she was hurt and scared and bit one of the good Samaritans trying to assist.

An injured dog lying down on a hiking trail.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff, the hikers contacted them for help. On “X” the sheriff said:

they knew the pup needed help, and they called us. One hiker remained with the dog while the other came down for medical help and to show rescuers where to go.

A ranger recalled seeing a lost dog poster in the park and that led to the local animal control agency being able to contact Nova’s owner and arrange for a meet-up at the trailhead.

Lost Dog poster


The sheriff’s office said:

The #Jeffco Rangers and Animal Control Officers hiked in and successfully brought the injured pup down. The dog, Nova, was reunited with its owner after having been missing for two months! The dog has a broken leg, but it is resting comfortably at home and awaiting possible surgery.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help cover Nova’s veterinary expenses. Click here to read more.

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