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More Information Released About Fatal Bear Mauling In Banff

Alberta, Canada – More information has been released about the fatal bear mauling that claimed the lives of two people and a dog in the Banff National Park. As reported by Reuters, the people killed in the attack had bear spray and permits to be hiking and camping in the area.

Park officials discovered two cans of bear spray at the camping site and they could see that the campers had properly hung their food so as not to attract wildlife.

The grizzly bear shot and killed after the attack did not have any tags or tracking devices and she was not known to to park officials. A necropsy shows that she was about 25 years of age and slightly underweight, with bad teeth.

Park officials shot the bear on Friday night after she charged them. The identity of the deceased individuals has not been released.

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  1. Even when campers do the right thing and hang their food in trees or carry bear spray, people have to remember they are camping in bear country and so they take their lives into their own hands. Meaning if they are attacked, the bear shouldn’t be put to sleep afterwards. It’s not like the bear came into a town and attack two people in their own backyard. The people were in the bear’s backyard basically. I of course have sympathy for the people who died, but the bear should not have been killed. Perhaps the bear being underweight and having bad teeth is a reason for the attack. Maybe she couldn’t hurt very well for herself anymore and people made a easy target over say chasing a fast moving deer or elk.

    • There’s no longer room for aging wildlife if thousands come over the border. There will be no room to have wildlife areas if America cannot be respected, then why respect aging out vicious wildlife

  2. If it was a human, there would be a trial and most likely no capital punishment. The bear, who was in her own habitat, should not have forfeited her life. A very unfair ending to this unfortunate story. People who choose to go into their habitat should accept responsibility and if they lose their lives, so be it.

    • No , killers, whether animal or people, must be put down. That’s biblical. They will kill again. It was old and too bad it wasn’t tended too before hand. It got killed quickly, sadly the people were not.



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