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Officials Kill Grizzly Bear After Two People And Their Dog Fatally Mauled

Canada – Wildlife officials have killed a grizzly bear believed to be responsible for the fatal mauling of two people and a dog in the Banff National Park. According to sources, on Friday night, Parks Canada staff was alerted to a bear attack in the Red Deer River Valley area.

In a release, the park service stated:

Parks Canada immediately mobilised a Wildlife Human Attack Response Team whose members are specially trained in responding to wildlife attacks. Weather conditions at the time did not allow for helicopter use, and the response team travelled through the night to the location by ground.

The team arrived to the area around 1 a.m. and located the deceased people and an aggressive grizzly bear. Parks staff “immediately” euthanized the bear to ensure public safety.

Until further notice, officials have closed a portion of the park.

In a CBC News article, family of the deceased individuals stated:

“They were long-term partners who loved the outdoors and were inseparable. They lived for being in the backcountry and were two of the most cautious people I know. They knew bear protocol and followed it to a tee.”

The park service said:

This is a tragic incident, and Parks Canada wishes to express its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

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