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Man Charged After Discovery Of Dog So Emaciated That She Had To Be Euthanized

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges for allowing his dog, Roxy, to become severely malnourished. According to sources, 36-year-old Michael Dwayn Mings’ dog weighed just 13 pounds when she was discovered.

The dog was in such poor health by the time she went to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic that the decision was made to humanely euthanize her.

The call to animal control about Roxy’s condition was made anonymously back in mid-April but Mings was not arrested until Sept. 30; he was booked into the Charlotte County Jail on charges of confinement/abandonment of animals and one count of cruelty to animals.

He has already been released on bond.

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  1. There is NEVER any real punishment for cruelty and torture of animals, so nothing ever changes! It was reported in April, they didn’t arrest him until September, and bond is set so low that he’s already out! WTF !!!!

    • Sentencing guidelines for animal abuse are so ridiculously small that neuter law enforcement or the courts bother to pursue cases with any real vigor. The guidelines themselves must be increased however, the animal agricultural industry vigorously resists all attempts to do so!

  2. The humane thing to do to people who abuse animals is to euthanize them. They can’t be cured. Psychological intervention won’t work. Let’s not waste our time and money on them. And we don’t want them back in our society.

  3. I’ve dogs in worse condition and survive! They didn’t even try to save her! Just another pit bull to this vet clinic! Many vets hate pitty’s. Shame on the clinic too for not giving her a chance!

  4. This poor dog was killed because there was nobody to pay the vet bill (my opinion). There is no punishment in This world to punish this psychopath but be assured, there will be punishment for him in the Next world.

    • Some of the business history of vets needs to be looked into as well. Little is done to remove licenses to practice vet’s with horrible histories of neglect or even practices of abuse !

  5. Death to this monster and shame to the authorities that didn’t do anything for all that time and shame to the clinic that didn’t even try!

  6. Death is too good for this murderer!! And that is just what he is!! Starving a dog to death!! WE, the people, must get the use out of our government and send them notices to that affect!! It showed on a Vet’s program I was watching how people loved their pets, fed them well, but couldn’t afford the Vet bill to get them spayed and neutered!! (And the Vet gave them distemper/parvo and other shots and microchipped they needed while they were there) I say we write to the officials and tell them if they want the population of dogs to go down, to take away the money charged for neuter/spay, to pass in the entire U.S!! I say it should be just a couple of dollars for the medication to put them out, and that is it!! AND to take every animal held inside the VA and other facilities that run these stupid tests on dogs the medicine to die, OUT OF THOSE FACILITIES forever!! They are only making money, not for the dogs, but for EXPERIMENTING on the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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