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Malnourished And Homeless, Unwanted Shelter Dog Longs To Be Loved

Underweight and badly neglected, Bogo longs for someone to give him the love that he desperately needs.

Dallas, TX – A young dog, malnourished and obviously neglected, is longing for someone to love and care for him. The two-year-old dog, dubbed Bogo, was taken in as a stray at the Dallas Animal Services facility on November 22.

Bogo recently had a visitor who was deeply touched by the neglected dog’s response. She writes:

I have no words other than we MUST get Bogo #A1196412 out. He is only a few years old and though he has probably never known love, the only thing he wants to do is pass love out. 🥹

Bogo may have never known love, but it is clear that he HAS love in his heart that he longs to share with someone.

Dogs like Bogo are typically bypassed by potential adopters…adopters who are looking for young, healthy, vibrant companions. But he deserves a chance – the chance to be healthy, happy, and loved the way that he deserves to be.
Please help give him that chance by sharing his adoption information.
ID# A1196412
Located At: Dallas Animal Services
Description: My name is Bogo.
I am a male, tan and white Mixed Breed.
Age: The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Nov 22, 2023.
If I may be your missing pet, please contact Dallas Animal Services directly by calling the number below or by emailing as soon as possible.
Location: Dallas Animal Services
Phone Number: (214) 670-6800
Address: 1818 North Westmoreland Road
Dallas, TX 75212
Note: All inquiries about these dogs must be made directly to the animal shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with these dogs, or this facility.

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  1. Please stop using the term UNWANTED — these dogs may be homeless but if I had the means, I would take him and every homeless animal and give them the love and kindness they deserve. They are all wanted!

    • Christina, EXACTLY how I feel and what I’ve been saying for many years. I loath that word when it’s used in regards to animals.



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