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Lonely Coyote Pup Squeezes Into Dog’s Kennel Seeking Company

Jackson, CA – A lonesome coyote pup, who lost his family, squeezed into a California resident’s dog kennel seeking companionship. The touching incident was recounted by Tri County Wildlife Care last week; the non-profit organization said:

Coyotes are beneficial predators and we can coexist with them. This pup lost his family and squeezed through into a kennel to be with a kind resident’s dogs.

The resident reached out to the agency to come and retrieve the coyote pup and it was taken to Dr. Alison Pillsbury of Acorn Hills Animal Center to be examined, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks.

The future is bright for this orphaned pup – the organization said:

This baby will be placed at another great rescue with other coyote pups to grow up wild and free.

The organization explains why coyotes are important, and thanked the resident for reaching out for help:

We need a diversity in wildlife to have a healthy ecosystem. Thanks to the kindness of this dog owner, this pup is getting a second chance at life. If you need help with wildlife conflicts, please call us at 209-283-3245

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  1. It’s very nice, but would be nicer if “vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks” wasn’t done to him at the same time. Actually, it would be much better if there were no vaccines at all (I’d include links, but they’ve prevented posting of my comments in the past). HOWEVER, even my copy of a regular veterinary manual says not to do such things to an animal who is emaciated, who is in poor health, and definitely not all at the same time. I wonder why and how things changed.

  2. I wonder what happened to the mother or the pack. Hope the coyote pups survive the damages from all those vaccines. I also wish coyotes were not a threat to our beloved small animals, then people wouldn’t fear and dislike them. Rough world we live in.

    • You do not realize how important vaccines are.
      Quit being an idiot.
      I hope that you do not have any pets.
      Rabies, distemper among some of the vaccines that keep a pet safe and healthy.
      Educate yourself and try to understand.


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