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Herd Holds Touching Memorial For Baby Buffalo Who Died After Being Stepped On

South Park, PA – A herd of buffalo on a Pennsylvania animal preserve held a touching memorial “wake” for a baby buffalo who died after being accidentally stepped on. The  Friends of the South Park Buffalo Preserve expressed sadness over the baby’s death, writing:

Today we suffered an unspeakable and tragic loss in our Buffalo Family. I’m writing this with tear filled eyes and a heavy heart after just returning home from the preserve.
Our sweet, beloved, precious Baby Boy Blue passed away this afternoon. He was accidentally stepped on and quickly passed from his injuries.

A memorial wreath was made for Blue and when it was taken to the fence where Blue died, a touching ritual was observed. The group described the scene:

What we witnessed instead was a heart-warming gathering of the Buffalo family that lasted for two hours. They all took turns coming over to the spot Blue passed, taking long breathes to breath in what remained of Blue’s aroma. It was especially heart-breaking to witness Blue’s mom Lily return to the spot, sniff and then grunt very loudly for her special Boy Blue.

Lily continued to look for her baby; the group writes:

She stopped every so often to look around for Blue.
Soon she had made it down to the feeding area. She stopped at the top of the hill, right above were Blue passed and continued to grunt and call him. Not finding him, she headed over to the red squeeze pen, grunting and searching Blue’s favorite hiding spot. Then the high grass, then towards to buffalo shed – another hiding spot made famous by Blue.

Blue will be remembered for his unique, one-of-a-kind personality. Rest in peace Baby Blue.

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  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of baby Blue. I’m sure his mother is just bewildered and thinking maybe she can get him to come to her if she keeps calling him. Sad.

    • So sad, and I feel for their loss. May the herd and especially Lily be able to move forward and hold Blue in our hearts. May Positive Karma surround the herd.

  2. I am guessing Blue was stepped on by another bison. So sad and I feel for his mother who I know is missing him just dairy cows miss their calves and vice versa when they are separated. I hope she will heal soon.

  3. Who stepped on him? Was it a caretaker or another buffalo? It just doesn’t seem like stepping on him would harm him to the point of death?

    • Hi Nora,

      Unfortunately, when a 2,000 pound animal with hard hooves steps on a 70 pound young one it leaves an identifiable wound. Thankfully injuries like this are rare with these herd animals. Blue was a special little boy who had an amazing personality. We were devastated by his passing. You can check out our Facebook page for more of his stories.

      Friends of the South Park Buffalo Preserve

  4. Who stepped on this poor baby? This is absolutely heart breaking… thoughts are with his poor mom……



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