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Lake Tahoe House Wrecker, ‘Hank the Tank,” Moves Into Sanctuary

The famous bear who broke into nearly two dozen homes in Lake Tahoe has been captured and relocated to a wild animal sanctuary.

Springfield, Colorado – The notorious Lake Tahoe, home-wrecking black bear known as “Hank the Tank,” has been captured and moved to a Colorado wild animal sanctuary. The 500-lb bear, who broke into 21 homes, was captured last week and it was determined that he is actually a she.

The bear will now be calling The Wild Animal Sanctuary home. Days ago the sanctuary welcomed their new guest, letting everyone know that Hank is now Henrietta:

WELCOME HOME! Hank the Tank (Henrietta).
Hank the Tank, the 500-pound Black Bear who gained fame for breaking into homes in South Lake Tahoe, California, has arrived at the Wild Animal Refuge near Springfield, Colorado. Hank – who was later found to be a female and now referred to as Henrietta – is doing well and is getting used to her new surroundings inside a temporary introduction enclosure which is located within a 230-acre forested habitat.

Thanking Governor Jared Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis for supporting the efforts to safely move the bear to a safe and appropriate sanctuary setting.

The sanctuary said:

We are excited to watch Henrietta thrive in her new home at the Wild Animal Refuge. She is a special bear; we know she will have a beautiful life with the best veterinary care possible and be able to live with others of her own species.

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  1. Because relocated bears will either return to where they were removed or continue their damage in a new community. This big girl is much better off in a sanctuary

    • The bear wouldn’t have returned if she had been taken to another state or at least hundred miles away to another forest area without people. As long as the habitat supports other bears (fish, berries, shelter), she would have been fine. Would you want to be relocated against your will from say your home to a small apartment against your will? Think about that for a moment. Wild animals belong in the wild with their own kind. A sanctuary is better than a zoo, but its still confinement and living in captivity. Sanctuaries are meant to house injured animals that cannot be released because they wouldn’t survive. Or they are for former pets like big cats purchaser on the black market who were never taught to hunt or forage and are use to be taken care of by people. These places should not be home to wild animals capable for taken care of themselves.

  2. Very glad to see the bear wasn’t put down because he became accustom to breaking into places to obtain food. But, why couldn’t fish & game simply trap the bear and relocate him to the wildness far from homes, towns and camping areas – basically away from people. This poor bear now has to spend the rest of his life stuck in a cage with the public gawking at him with a stupid nickname when he should be free with a mate, cubs and enjoying the wild while living free.

    • The article indicates the cage is temporary and she will have a big acreage for her home.

      • The bear’s enclosure is certainly not 230 acres and just because the facility is in a forested habitat, doesn’t mean the bear is living in the forest or the wild. Wild bears produce cubs and add to the wild population. This option has been taken away from this particular animal now. She should have been relocated deep into the woods so she could be free. Would you like to be removed from your home and placed in a enclosure with no hope of ever leaving?

    • The Wild Animal Sanctuary is not a zoo. It’s an amazing sprawling sanctuary where animals have acres of freedom. She would only be caged for safety at introduction. Read up on the Wild Animal Sanctuary of Colorado, you will find out.

      • Regardless of size of enclosure, it’s still a CAGE, a fenced in area where the bear is limited to where she can go. And she won’t be able to breed and have her own cubs which would have added to the bear population in the wild. A cage is still a cage no matter how much you pretty it up. The bear was born in the wild free and that’s where she should have been put back. Bears roam up to 15 miles per day and have a average home ratio of 25 miles. This cannot be duplicated in a sanctuary. Not saying the sanctuary is a horrible place, but it should be reserved for injured or senior animals or former pets that wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild on their own.

  3. So very ecstatic to hear Henrietta was not euthanized!!!!! Thank you so much for your dedication and efforts, Gov. Polis and First Gentleman Reis!!!!!


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