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Fake Veterinarian Performed C-Section On Pregnant Dog, Killing Her

A groomer, posing as a veterinarian, performed surgery on a pregnant dog who died a week after the procedure.

Collier County, FL – A Florida man, who posed as a veterinarian, has been arrested and charged after he performed a c-section on a pregnant dog, killing her. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, 61-year-old Osvaldo Sanchez is charged with animal abuse and practicing veterinary medicine without a license following an investigation by the Animal Cruelty Investigations Alliance.

Fake veterinarian performed c-section on pregnant dog, killing her
Fake veterinarian performed a c-section on the pregnant dog, killing her

Detectives were alerted to the incident after learning that a six-year-old Chihuahua named Sugar died after Sanchez performed surgery on her in mid-May.

Dog died after fake veterinarian performed surgery on her
Dog died after fake veterinarian performed surgery on her

In a release, the authorities said:

Sanchez came to their home to examine Sugar and performed a C-section and spay procedure on the dog in his mobile office, a converted ambulance. He removed a stillborn puppy during the procedure. Sanchez charged Sugar’s owners $600 for the procedure.

The dog became ill after the surgical procedure and spent a week at a licensed veterinary hospital in “dire shape.” The release states:

On May 25 Sugar was taken to a 24-hour emergency pet hospital for an ultrasound. The doctors noted Sugar’s surgical incision was closed with string or thread and not the standard suture material which could have contributed to her infection. Sugar returned to the veterinary clinic the same day and died later that night from multiple complications from the surgery.

An actual veterinarian told detectives that Sugar likely would have survived if the surgery had been performed by a qualified veterinarian. Detectives determined that Sanchez is a licensed groomer, not a veterinarian.

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  1. The thing is this poor little girl was their family member my dogs are like my children I love them that much this is cruelty at its worst….💜✝️🤢🙏🏻

  2. I’m wondering if Sugars owners knew this “vet”, or knew of him through someone else. Did he advertize himself as a low cost vet? I can’t understand how anyone would put their trust in a person who drives around in a converted ambulance doing surgeries on animals. I mean, wake up already! I have to blame Sugar’s parents almost as much as I do this butcher. It’s similar to people bringing their pets to a groomer and they come out wounded, or badly maimed, or very sick. Animal parents must KNOW who they are handing their pets over to. If these people were trying to save money for example, they ended up paying more for a real emergency vet, and ultimately paid the highest price of all…, the loss of their Sugar. This POS man should be thrown in jail for animal cruelty and for Gods sake, never be allowed to even be near animals again. My fear is if he does get jail time when he gets out he will be at it again, on the sly at first, until he gets caught again. Most likely by then, he will have killed and tortured many more animals.



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