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Kitten Stolen From Adoption Event Has Been Found And Returned

Manhattan, NY – A kitten who was stolen from an adoption event at Union Square in Manhattan on June 4 has been found. The kitten, named Sprout, was taken by a woman who threw her into a bag before running away.

Sprout was in the care of The Fabulous Feline, which offered up a reward for the kitten’s safe return. On Wednesday morning, the rescue group said:

Sprout is home safe 🌸
17 days missing after being stolen from an adoption event in Union Square June 4.
NYPD 13th Precinct delivered Sprout after securing her last night, she is safe and well.
NYPD followed up on all the leads and made every effort to bring Sprout Home and we are thankful.

The rescue group thanked the people who have been following Sprout’s disappearance and working to bring her safely home.

Find the original story here.

Find the rescue group’s Facebook page here.

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  1. that is great news. was praying that this woman at the recue got sprout back. you can feel how heartbroken she was just in her posts alone. way to go NYPD great job!



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