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Just In Time For Birthday, Dog Who Spent More Than 2000 Days In Shelters Has Been Adopted

Mentor, Ohio – A dog who has spent the majority of his life living in Ohio shelters was given the best possible birthday gift…a forever home. His name is Hershel and on June 20 he turns 7 – for the first time in more than five years, he will be celebrating that birthday in a home.

Lake Humane Society shared the great news with Facebook followers this week, writing:

Hershel has spent the last week in our foster-to-adopt program, where he was able to decompress and get used to his new home surroundings as well as his new humans and canine sister. Hershel has settled in perfectly. He is already very loved, spoiled, and part of the family. He has a big backyard to enjoy and has quickly become best friends with his new doggie sister, Lucy.

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Prior to entering the shelter system, Hershel had been living outside in inhumane conditions. In a press release, the animal welfare organization said:

“It was winter, during a polar vortex when Hershel was saved. He was skin and bones, he was shivering, and he was scared. After medical examination it was confirmed, Hershel was severely frostbitten and close to starvation.”

Thankfully, those days are long gone and Hershel’s future is bright. Enjoy your new family Hershel!

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  1. OMG Hershel got a home. I first saw him on Pet Rescue Report. So glad he has a family now. 🙂 Good Luck “Hershey” cuz you’re as sweet as chocolate..

  2. It always lifts my spirits to see dogs who have waited so long for homes and finally gotten one. What a beautiful yard he has along with his new and loving family. I think I remember seeing him as well in his quest for a home. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right one and not all make it there. Thankfully, Herschel did.

  3. So happy Herschel has found his forever home, he so deserves to live his next years in freedom, peace and being loved!

  4. This has made my day! I wish I had that beautiful big back yard to run around in! and I love seeing Hershel’s new mama and sister … his new parents are the best of people.



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