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Adorable Dog Hops Shelter Wall To Get To Friend

Minneapolis – Walls inside of a Minneapolis animal shelter could not keep two canine friends apart. Surveillance video captured the moment that Brenda decided to hop the barrier between her kennel and her buddy, Linda’s, run.


Brenda and Linda found their furever home TOGETHER! Thank you to all of our frens who shared to make this pawsible for them💕🐾#happytogether #bestfriends

♬ Happy Together – Weezer

The Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control writes:

🐾Mission Impawsible🐾
Brenda and Linda arrived to MACC recently as strays together. Linda recently got moved to a kennel next to Brenda and well the rest is history. They are now sharing a bigger kennel together.

The shelter staff hoped to find a home where Linda and Brenda could stay together, and their wish was granted. The happy news was shared with Facebook followers:

Pupdate: Brenda and Linda have left the building TOGETHER with their furever family. Thank you to all who have shared their story and reached out to us over the last 3 days! We appreciate you! 🐾

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