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Investigators Narrow In On Suspect In Duct-Tape Dog Abuse Case

Omaha, NE – Investigators are narrowing in on a suspect in a terrible case of animal cruelty involving a duct-tape dog who was abandoned in a dumpster in April. The dog, Leo, had been covered in duct-tape and was discarded in a dumpster outside of Sweet and Associates in Omaha. An employee at the firm heard what she thought was a raccoon in the dumpster, but it turned out to be Leo, covered in tape around his legs and face.

Now, investigators believe that someone in Leo’s home is responsible for taping him up and throwing him away, reports KETV News. The investigation turned towards people at Leo’s home after a veterinarian reached out to the authorities to report a series of injuries that Leo, and another dog at the home, had been treated for. Both dogs, and even the pet cat, suffered various fractures, on separate occasions; all the injuries were explained away as “accidents” by their owner.

There is someone at the home who has “behavioral issues,” but Leo’s owner has stated that the individual would never hurt the pets. The investigation continues and there is an affidavit for additional search warrants for the home and electronic devices. As more evidence is collected, investigators get closer to having what they need to make an arrest.

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  1. sounds great, make this shit head pay for what he or she did. i am surprised at the vet. if all these pets in this home are coming in with serious injuries how stupid are you to believe they are all accidents! call the authorities and let them at least look into it. your job is to protect and heal animals. this vet definitely failed these animals. i also hope they go there and take away every one of them while they are still breathing.

      • yes they did but after months of seeing signs of abuse in all the animals this bum has. too little too late. call the authorities to do a welfare check. if nothing is found then move on but at least care enough to check it out.



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