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Interstate Tunnel Shut Down To Save Terrified Cat Who Was Thrown From Moving Car

Baltimore, MD – An I-95 tunnel was temporarily shut down this week to save a terrified cat who had been thrown from a moving vehicle. According to the BARCS Animal Shelter, the black and white cat, dubbed Hilton, was petrified after the cruel incident, but officials took the appropriate steps to prevent tragedy. The animal welfare agency said:

Cars zooming past, horns honking, drivers swerving to avoid hitting him as he had nowhere to run to safety. Maryland Transportation Authority shut down the tunnel and attempted to trap Hilton. Fashioning a crate out of a box they had on-hand, the police were eventually able to safely contain him until Animal Control arrived on the scene to transport Hilton to BARCS.

Hilton suffered cuts and abrasions from his ordeal, but he was amazingly spared serious injury. The shelter’s veterinary staff is ensuring that Hilton knows that he is safe, loved, and no longer in danger. He will be closely monitored and tended to until he is ready for adoption.

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Readers who frequent the National Animal News site may recall the Heyburn, Idaho, incident involving police officers who shot two dogs who got loose and found themselves on I-80. In stark contrast to Hilton’s incident, the Heyburn police officers chose to kill the frightened dogs rather than temporarily shut down the roadway to save them.

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  1. when i read this story the first thing that popped into my head were those 2 morons who call themselves policemen in idaho. instead of helping those 2 lost dogs that had a family, they chose to just shoot them rather than get off their fat asses and save them. thank god this cat wasn’t in idaho!

    • I agree, these cops would rather kill something than actually get off their ass to help. This is the reason good cops are hated right along with the scrum bag cops that are fat and lazy.

    • They just didn’t care : period . They even had the audacity to call a dog to them so they knew the dog was friendly. . Complete morons.

  2. I recall driving to USC Keck & saw a kitty on the onramp offramp median of freeway , sad
    Kitty looked dead.
    No sign of being hit when I drove by
    On the I-5 Frwy South to Mission for USC Keck

  3. Never did like cops much for every reasonably good one there are 10 trigger happy assholes and every time I hear about cops getting shot I think that is a Karma – you get back what you put out. No sympathy here for them.

  4. Re Hilton, it is a secular miracle if there is such a thing as I am not religious, that he was not killed. Good cops in this case and it is just a shame the dreck who tossed him from a car, knowing he would likely be killed, did not get killed. Maybe the next day-I can only hope. As far as the dog from the petition, there are a lot of good cops who help and save animals, but there are too many scumbags who shoot to kill at the slightest provocation-or with no provocation at all. These cops disgust me. I always must remember there are good and bad in every area but there are dogs killed, I am pretty sure, every day even if we do not hear about them. These so called upholders of the law treat dogs like disposable objects, Training for cops concerning should be a part of becoming a cop. Hilton is a beautiful cat though and I am very happy he is getting his revenge by living and I am sure there will be people lining up to adopt him and give him the home he deserves.

  5. Thanks god these responders did the compassionate, caring, responsible, right thing by Hilton. May Hilton be adopted into a loving permanent home as soon as he is ready.
    Hopefully someone got the plate of the criminals that did this and they can be thrown into a situation where someone with nothing to lose will bring it to the Justice it so richly deserves.

  6. Find the idiot morons that threw the cat out of the car, fine all the people involved in the killing the cat incident, charge all of them with felonies, and then permanently suspend their driver’s licenses in the United States so they can’t drive cars or any other type of vehicle – for life!!

      • You can take their license away but they’ll drive anyway there’s lots of people who do that because I don’t care one way or the other

      • You can take it away but they’ll drive anyway there’s lots of people who do that because I don’t care one way or the other

  7. Thank God this poor cat was saved! Please find the monsters who threw this poor animal out of the car and kill them!

  8. I’m glad this poor kitty was saved!
    Find the idiot culprits and just kill them now and save grief AND legal costs!!! They are useless turds and deserve to die!!!
    Personally the way this world is becoming… we really need to start human population control ASAP!!!!
    ALL trigger-happy psychotic cops, child murderers, pedophiles, and animal abusers should ALL DIE FIRST!!!
    START THE FLUSH IN AMERICA!!! And since COVID failed at human extinction, hopefully the next virus is more successful!!!!
    I hope these individuals have their whole extended family wiped out of existence from illness, injury and trauma.



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