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Homeless Shepherd’s Sorrow Is Heartbreaking

Devore, CA – A homeless German shepherd at the San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter is heartbroken. The six-year-old dog’s plight caught the attention of an advocate who writes:

Sometimes it’s impossible to sit next to a kennel & not want to offer comfort to a soul that is so clearly engulfed in sorrow…even if it can only be for a moment.

Sweet Tyson with the soulful eyes. 
Meeting him on this day, I felt drawn to him.

The sadness on his face was unbearable. 
He’s not young & his breed is not highly desired at this moment in time.

Tyson needs the help of strangers to make it out of this facility alive. You can lend him a hand by sharing his adoption information to help him find a rescue group to take him in.

Adoption profile here.


Located: Devore Shelter
Name: My name is Rescue Only Tyson.
Description: I am a tan and black, unaltered male, who looks like a German Shepherd Dog.
Age: I am estimated to be 6 years old.
More Info: I am in kennel D 70.
I have been at the shelter since Nov 16, 2023.
I was found near 40Th / Cottage in Arrowhead Subfrms

Location: San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter
Phone Number: (909) 386-9820
Address: 19777 Shelter Way
Devore, CA 92407
Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this facility. 
(Image via The Other Side of the Cage/Facebook)

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