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Heroes Save Tiny Two-Week-Old Kitten Trapped Behind Apartment Wall

A tiny, two-week-old kitten was rescued from behind an apartment wall earlier this week.

San Antonio, Texas – Earlier this week, a tiny, two-week-old kitten, Nimbus, found herself hopelessly trapped behind a wall in a San Antonio apartment.

Tiny kitten rescued from wall of apartment in San Antonio
Tiny kitten rescued from wall of apartment in San Antonio

According to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, the itty-bitty kitten was rescued on Tuesday thanks to local heroes.

The animal welfare agency commended the people and agencies that took part in the kitten’s rescue:

thanks to the swift response of our local heroes – San Antonio Fire Department, Animal Care Officer Cortez, and Animal Care Cadet Gines –

Firefighters were able to access Nimbus by carefully cutting a hole in the sheetrock. The animal control officer and animal care cadet examined the kitten and fortunately, she suffered no harm from her frightening ordeal.

But the agency is looking for assistance:

Nimbus meow needs YOU! 🏡🐱 We’re searching for a loving foster family to provide Nimbus with the nurturing care she deserves until she’s ready for her forever home. Could it be you?
Let’s make Nimbus’s journey one filled with love and hope. Together, we can give her the bright future she deserves. 💕

Find a foster application at this link.

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    • What to do you think happened? Don’t be dumb. Do you really thing someone cut a hole in the drywall, then place the kitten inside and then re-patched over it and painted so it looked as good as new just so it could be torn out again to rescue the kitten. Come On! What most likely happened was the mom had her kittens in the attic, vent, or ducting….somewhere above this apt and there was a gap or void that allowed the kitten to fall down into the wall. It’s happens more then you think. You can google it online and you will see other stories.


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