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‘Heavy Hearts’ As Zoo Announces Death Of Oliver The Gorilla

The Milwaukee County zoo announced the death of a beloved gorilla named Oliver.

Milwaukee County, WI – On Thursday, the Milwaukee County Zoo announced the death of a beloved gorilla named Oliver. In a release, the zoo expressed sadness over the loss:

It is with very heavy hearts that the Milwaukee County Zoo announces one of its male silverback gorillas, Oliver, died Sept. 13.

Heartbreak over death of beloved gorilla, Oliver

On October 7, Oliver would have celebrated his 35th birthday. But he had been suffering from chronic health issues for years, including chronic heart disease, as well as other chronic illnesses including hypothyroidism, arthritis, dental disease, and gastrointestinal disease.

On the day of his death, he was undergoing surgery to address an infected tooth that was causing him pain; while he was under, he suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest. His veterinary team worked tirelessly to save him but their efforts were not successful.

Oliver exceeded the average lifespan of a gorilla in captivity and he was considered to be “geriatric” at the ripe old age of 34.

Zookeepers share that, “Oliver was a well-loved gorilla by the teams at the Milwaukee County and Columbus Zoos alike. He was intelligent and very intuitive, which helped him live a full ‘gorilla social life’ even after it was discovered he was deaf. He did a great job of leading and protecting his troop of females. He will be missed by many!”

Rest in peace Oliver.

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  1. I would not wish incarceration on any animal, but in the case of Oliver, he had a normal lifespan and hopefully some comfort and kindness. Gorillas should not be in zoos; but neither should their habitats be overrun due to human overpopulation. RIP Oliver

  2. I would like to know how Oliver could suffer from such horrible disease while eating a Vegan diet and have some of the best Veterinary care in the state. How could dental disease occur? How could Heart disease and Thyroid problems. In the care of the zoo, this gorilla should have lived another 10 years ( life expectancy of a silver back) in captivity.

  3. outrage!! He should never have been in captivity in the first place, but it eventually killed him through a prolonged painful medical process. Hold them accountable for his death. He should have been sent to a sanctuary long ago!



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