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Heartbreaking Scene As Witnesses Try To Save Dog Left In Hot Car While Man Golfed

A dog died from heatstroke after being left in a hot car while the owner golfed.

Denver, Colorado – On Tuesday, people walking through the parking lot of the Foothills Golf Course encountered a heartbreaking situation; a dog had been left inside of a vehicle while his owner went golfing. As reported by 9 News, the German shepherd was “in distress” when witnesses discovered him inside the parked car just before noon.

Dog died after being left in car while owner died. Representative Image Only
Dog died after being left in car while owner died. Representative Image Only

Desperate to help, the good Samaritans used a golf club to break out the car’s windows to remove the dog from the sweltering heat. The dog was administered CPR but the damage from being inside of the hot vehicle was too extensive and the German shepherd died.

One witness said the situation was “absolutely heartbreaking,” and another said they were, “brokenhearted to see it, but so many people rushed to the dog’s aid.”

The man, who was not publicly identified, returned to his car at 1:00 p.m. He told the authorities that he had started golfing at 8:45 a.m.

A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said that it is “frustrating” to see people bring their dogs with them on warm and/or hot days, noting that their pets should be left at home.

People in Colorado can legally break a car’s windows to save a pet or child from dying in the heat. A portion of HB17-1179 states, “The bill provides immunity from civil and criminal liability for a person who forcibly enters a locked vehicle for the purpose of rendering assistance to an at-risk person or animal. To receive immunity, the person must:

Ensure the vehicle is not a law enforcement vehicle;
Have a reasonable belief that the person or animal is in imminent danger of death or suffering serious bodily injury;
Verify the vehicle is locked.

Good Samaritans are supposed to make an effort to find the car’s owner and contact the authorities, before breaking out the windows.

The man who left the dog inside of his car has a court summons to face a charge of animal cruelty.

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  1. EVERYONE, even if Not a dog owner, knows you don’t leave dogs in hot cars! This man is a CRUEL cretin!

    • I broke into a car to save a trapped German Shorthair dog. The owner demanded I be charged with a crime and ordered to pay for his window. Instead, he was charged with animal cruelty and his dog was confiscated. (The responding policemen were both dog owners!)

  2. What was this guy thinking leaving a dog in the car for more then 4 hours and a large dog to boot with little room. This poor dog suffered so now the owner should by being put behind bars for his crime. Leave your dog at home while you do errands or whatever if it’s even slightly warm outside. Dogs may like to ride in cars, but they don’t like to die in them. Would this idiot leave his young child locked up in a car to die of heat exhaustion? People need to think and better yet if you can’t think and are a dumb-ass, don’t have children or pets.

    • So….this WASTE OF DNA doesn’t seem capable of thought. Speaking of thought, I think this idiot shouldn’t be in jail. He should be UNDER the jail, but first he should be locked in a hot car for 4 hours while wearing a warm coat.



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