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Happiest Of Updates About Dog Dumped On The Streets Of Miami

Miami, FL – A dog cruelly abandoned on the streets of Miami, before being taken to the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility, has been rescued and she is no longer alone and afraid.

When the pit bull, dubbed Olivia, was abandoned earlier this month, she was exhausted and confused. Before being caught, she repeatedly approached cars on the road, looking for someone to help her.

Nobody on the street helped her, but she is in good hands now. Humans and Animals United rescued Olivia from the shelter and the rescue shared a heartwarming update with Facebook followers on Thursday:

OLIVIA FOSTER UPDATE! No more being unwanted… no more asking for help while being ignored. Olivia’s life is now full of love and protection. Our girl has been to the vet to treat her skin condition, her kennel cough and to her ozone theraphy bath treatments.

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According to the rescue group, Olivia wants nothing more than love from people. And now that she is safe, she exudes happiness.

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The rescue agency said:

Olivia is proof that when the community gets together beautiful things canhappen! What Animal rescue should be about!

Soak up all the love Olivia. You deserve it! Find her rescuers on Facebook at this link.

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Original article about Olivia at this link.

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