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Gorgeous, Young Labrador Retriever – Her Family Never Came To Get Her From Shelter

A beautiful Labrador retriever named Dixie has been held at a busy California animal shelter for a month and her family has not come to get her.

Gardena, CA – A gorgeous, young Labrador retriever named Dixie is patiently waiting for her family to come to the Carson Animal Services facility to get her. Sadly, Dixie has been at the facility since July 9 and nobody has walked through the door to take her home.

According to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page, Dixie has a microchip, but her family has not come forward to reclaim her.

The networking page said:

Dixie is a beauty, she is two years old and she came in with a microchip but her family never came for her. She is amazing!

The Carson Animal Shelter is overflowing with unwanted pets…just like most every other animal shelter in the nation. The crowded conditions mean that all animals are at risk of being euthanized – even if they are healthy, friendly, young, and highly adoptable.

Dixie is listed as “okay for public adoption,” and she has presented a “dainty playstyle” with other dogs at the shelter facility. Please help Dixie find a loving home by sharing her adoption information. She is a beauty who is in the prime of her life.

Find Dixie’s adoption profile here.

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Description: My name is Dixie.
I am described as a spayed female, black Labrador Retriever.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 2 years and 2 months old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Jul 09, 2023.

Location: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Phone Number: (310) 523-9566
Address: 216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. 

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  1. The family should be made to pay for her or fined. Why go to the trouble of chipping if they don’t intend to keep her.

  2. It so really sad but I have learned something may be they were not going to take care her like she deserves she need some one that love her and wants her, but I will pray that their will be a good family that will treat her like a family I don’t want to see that she gets home they will love her and then they will ignore her if it happen they are not the no, just pray that she will find a good home i believe that people should be like a foster parent to dogs at list they could have some one they could care for and love intil they find a place and they should let some foster parent bring them a toy and something that make them happy until they find a permanent home their are to much furry babies and not much people but every place they should let them interact with people until they find a home at list they could every day have a life they should talk about it it will fill more like a place of interacting and have a normal emotional security and feeling that were they are is their home to 😇🙏❤️

  3. What a disgrace that someone would discard ANY companion animal. Labrador Retrievers are wonderful dogs, so loving and loyal. I pray that Dixie finds a forever home to be loved and live out her life. I also pray that all the shelter animals find forever homes as August is “Clear the Shelters” month!

  4. Has the shelter reached out to the family that supposedly owns her to come and claim her? Just because a pet comes in with a chip doesn’t mean the owner has gone to the trouble of registering the chip into their own name and provided contact info. Often times animals are chipped at the shelter or at a rescue and then get adopted out but the new owner never re-registers the chip in their own name. Regardless, it’s fairly easy concept – dog is missing go to the shelter to look for he or she. They probably don’t want the dog and let her go on purpose. If that’s the case they should be charged with animal abandonment and be forced to pay a large fine and be banned from adopting any animal out of a shelter anywhere in the state. There needs to be a nationwide database to track these people so other shelters or rescues know who not to adopt too in the future.



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