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Teams Join Forces, Saving Retriever Puppy Who Was Being Wheeled To Euthanasia Room

A golden retriever pup was facing an unthinkable fate at an overcrowded animal shelter in Texas.

Austin, Texas – Recently, a sweet, albeit shy, golden retriever mix puppy was facing an unthinkable fate. The scared pup was being held at an overcrowded animal shelter in South Texas, and she was destined for the euthanasia room in a beat-up, blue wheelbarrow.

Retriever puppy headed for euthanasia room in a wheelbarrow
Retriever puppy headed for euthanasia room in a wheelbarrow

Austin Pets Alive (APA) shared photos of the eight-month-old puppy, explaining the perilous situation:

The shelter, like so many across Texas, was overcrowded, and being ultra-shy made the puppy at risk. With legs too afraid to walk, she was placed in the wheelbarrow in order to be euthanized.

Miraculously, this puppy’s life was spared thanks to a team that joined forces to ensure that she could live the life she deserved. According to Austin Pets Alive, the animal shelter and an APA volunteer worked together to get the puppy, dubbed Darla, to one of their rescue partners with room to take her in.

The APA transport team got Darla safely to a Colorado rescue group (Mile High Lab Mission) where a foster home was eagerly waiting to take her in. According to the rescue organization, Darla has already been adopted.

Retriever puppy saved from euthanasia
Retriever puppy saved from euthanasia

Great work to everyone involved with saving sweet Darla’s life!

(Images via Austin Pets Alive)

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  1. People in Texas have to make it illegal to be backyard breeders because a lot of people there are breeding dogs and selling them to make every nickel they can off those suffering dogs and then when the mothers are completely worn out they abandon them. That place called “ Dog Alley has to have their license revoked for selling all of these puppies. Many people get puppies and when they are out of the cute stage(kittens too) they throw them out like garbage

  2. Dragging, carrying or putting a animal in a wheel barrel in order to get them into the kill room of a shelter is heartbreaking and unthinkable. No animal should face this situation, all shelters should be no kill for healthy pets and have a dedicated network with rescues and other shelters to move animals around to ensure all are saved. This puppy just needed love to bloom and was able to be adopted. This is the problem with most city or county run shelters, they don’t give a damn about the animals and certainly don’t have the staff to help animals become adoptable through kindness and patience. The other issue facing shelters everywhere is animals coming in due to out of control breeding because people don’t fix their own pets. It should be a law nationwide that all animals adopted from shelters or rescues be fixed before placement into a new home. We don’t need breeders out there making the trouble worse too. Pet stores should only be adopting out rescue animals and we should be outlawing the breeding of all pets including pure bred or design putts.


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