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Good Samaritans Save Baby Pig Who Fell Out Of Truck On Busy Highway

Las Vegas, NV – A baby pig tumbled out of a transport truck that was traveling at approximately 60 mph on a busy highway in Nevada. Thanks to quick-thinking good Samaritans, the 8-12 week old piglet was picked up and saved.

On May 25, Lars Gradel, and his work partner Rebecca Zajac, were traveling on Interstate 215 when the piglet, since dubbed Lucky, fell onto the roadway. Gradel tells KKTV:

“We saw a pig fly out the side of the truck, and he tumbled about 10, 15 times down the side of the freeway,”

The pair stopped and rushed to save the piglet from being hit by a car. Though Lucky was frightened, he amazingly escaped injury. A veterinarian estimated the piglet to be under 12 weeks of age and said that he had been recently weaned from his mother.

The rescuers kept Lucky safe until All Friends Animal Sanctuary was contacted and agreed to take him in. Tara Pike, the group’s founder, said that Lucky was being transported to a “fattening facility” where he would be kept for a few months and then slaughtered.

Instead, he will be enjoying life at the sanctuary…eating popsicles and watermelons and playing with other rescued animals.

Find the sanctuary on Facebook at this link.

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  1. No comments!! Transportation of animals is so horrible and cruel, as we humans are too selfish for greed!!! Likely few TRUCKERS would stop for an animal like this. And I DO, quite respect the very few”honourable” Knights of the Road that still exist today. 🚛🫡

    Pigs are much smarter than many people even!!! Lucky!!! 😇 So very lucky. I am pleased to know that he will live his life free now hopefully.
    Kudos to Lars and Rebecca for saving him!!! 👏 Awesome job!!
    Blessings to you all, and the sanctuary for taking him.



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