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Four Years With Rescue Group, And Nobody Seemed To Want This Very Good Boy

Versaille, Kentucky – For four long years, a very good boy named Donatello waiting for someone to find him worthy of being adopted. The handsome pup spent the majority of his life with the Woodford Humane Society.

On May 8, the rescue agency wrote:

May 13, 2019. That’s the day Donatello arrived at Woodford Humane. As of this Saturday, he has been homeless for four years. FOUR YEARS.
Donatello has watched 1189 other dogs and puppies walk past him through the kennel on their way to forever homes. And he is now officially our longest resident ever, having passed up a dog named Mercedes; she was adopted back in 2012 after 3 years, 11 months, and 6 days.

And last week, the group said that the well-mannered couch potato’s post had been viewed by 14,000 people, but STILL nobody inquired about him.

But the tide appears to be turning for Donatello. His adoption profile currently shows that he has an appointment pending…meaning that someone FINALLY is interested in taking him home.

Photo by Regi Goffinet

Animal Victory is rooting for you Donatello! You can follow the Humane Society on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Our local shelter transfers long waiting cats and dogs to a no kill shelter 4 hours away. From there they go to other no kill shelters that have room. Doing this gives the pet a chance for new people to see them. Black and long hair dogs get adopted faster in northern colder states. No pet is transferred that doesn’t have a pre-planned final destination…

  2. He sure is a handsome boy! I would love to have him, but I live in Georgia. He has the most gorgeous puppy dog eyes. I pray for a forever home for this precious baby!

    Linda Edwards

  3. Please make absolutely sure that a GOOD person will take him home! There are a lot of evil psychopaths in this world! Don’t let bad people take him, just to give him a home….Not every home is a safe place, sometimes caring people in a shelter are a much better option….

    • Plenty of sadistic psychopaths who can lie their way through anything. Potential adopters should have mandatory police background checks, along with personal visit from rescue organisations to ensure the dog will be PROPERLY provided for. Sick aberrants have taken rescue dogs for dog fighting and other unimaginable reasons. There can never be too much scrutiny where rehoming animals is concerned. Their safety and protection is our responsibility. Any act of animal abuse MUST INCUR MANDATORY INCARCERATION OF TEN YEARS.

  4. Ok, I’m in love. I live in Delaware. I have an older guy who is 15 years. I live in a mobile home. How much is the adoption fee. I could meet someone half way or if there is any chance he can be brought to Delaware. My email is puppyloved53@gmail.



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