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Fire Department Adopts Puppy Rescued From 122-Degree Car

A puppy who was left in a hot car is now going to live with the fire department that saved his life.

East Haven, CT – A puppy rescued from a parked car, with an interior temperature that climbed to a sweltering 122 degrees, has a new home with the fire department that helped save his life. The pup, dubbed Riggs, was surrendered by his owner and he will now be the Station Support Dog for the East Haven Fire Department.

Puppy rescued from hot car
Puppy rescued from hot car

East Haven Mayor Joseph A. Carfora said:

“He has a great temperament and will get along with the on-duty crews as well as be an ambassador to the department at public education and community events.”

Area residents helped choose the puppy’s new name. Riggs beat out “Cinder” by a narrow margin. In a press release, Mayor Joseph Carfora said:

“He is an official ambassador for the department. Riggs is an Eastie now.”

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  1. Glad you saved him poor thing don’t the owner understand about the law don’t leave your pets in hot cars stupid. Most pet owners don’t deserve a pet and why bring your pet dog out in this hot weather’s the selfish cunt he or she is. Why didn’t they shut the owner in the car for a long time with windows shut see how this idiot feels like being a dog and treated like a dog. Glad this beauty is now
    Now a theropy dog all happy endings

  2. The previous owner needs to be charged with animal cruelty despite giving up the dog and be banned from owning another pet. Love to see these kinds of people spend time behind bars and pay huge fines. Only when someone loses their freedom or gets hit in the wallet will they learn. It’s beyond stupid to leave a dog in a car on a hot day. They need to pay for their crime against that poor dog. He suffered and easily could have died. If you see something like this, call the people, break the window save the animal.


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