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Dog Abuser Charged With Attempted Murder After Attacking Man Who Intervened on Dog’s Behalf

A man was brutally beaten after trying to stop another man who was abusing a dog.

Bronx, NY – A good Samaritan who tried to stop a man from abusing a dog was beaten so brutally that the police charged the dog abuser with attempted murder. As reported by the New York Post, police charged 34-year-old Rubin Bartley with attempted murder after he viciously attacked the 35-year-old man who intervened on the dog’s behalf when Bartley was trying to choke the dog.

According to sources, Bartley was abusing a year-old Doberman on Sunday afternoon in the area of East 135th Street and Third Avenue. When the good Samaritan approached Bartley in an effort to make him stop hurting the dog, Bartley turned his anger on the 35-year-old man, ruthlessly attacking him with a wooden bat and leaving the man bloodied and suffering from a broken jaw. The victim was transported to Lincoln Medical Center for care.

Good Samaritan viciously beaten after trying to stop dog from being abused
Good Samaritan viciously beaten after trying to stop dog from being abused (screenshot from Daily Mail video)

Bartley was arrested on-site; his arraignment will be held at the Bronx Criminal Court. No word on the condition or whereabouts of the Doberman who was being choked.

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  1. This vile human was not only abusing a helpless animal but when a good person stepped up to stop him read what that coward did to that person. The man has been arrested and he needs to go to perison ……Lets see how much of a bad **&*^&*& he is when inmates hear what he was doing to a innocent dog.

  2. This pos deserves the same treatment as he inflicted on the poor dog. He needs to be taken out of society. Bless the good man who intervened, may he recover soon. I hope the dog is ok.

  3. Reminiscent of my ongoing battle to expose horrific abuse of K9s after witnessing it in the department where I worked. I came across a small news blurb in the early 1980’s about 3 high school football players being arrested and charged with battery after intervening with punches upon seeing a poIice K9 handler hanging his K9 to unconsciousness (a typical “training” technique) out in the open.
    The teens were depicted as the villains, and the officer wasn’t charged with anything because the system and the media have consistently covered up for this crueIty for over 100 years. Hopefully that will soon change, but for the present, military and paramilitary K9 handIers get away with hanging, punching, kicking, overheating, and killing, more of their own (and other peoples) dogs than any suspects or enemies.

  4. I hope this TURD is “beaten, and sodomized brutally and then choked to death” in prison. He’s a waste of skin and a waste of good oxygen. A waste of penal costs. A waste of legal costs. A funeral is so much cheaper!!! Why do we even keep these types of humans alive??? If it was a dog, sadly it would be euthanized. TIME TO START EUTHANIZING HUMANS!!!

  5. This monster is very sick and needs to be locked up somewhere away from animals and people. He is a walking time bomb and will hurt or kill someone soon.

  6. Keep him incarcerated. He’s a bully abuser and therapy won’t cure that. He’s rotted throughout. Maybe one of the jail animal friends will pay him a visit.

  7. I hope they find that dog. At least he is not with his abuser who will pay for what he did to the dog and to the man who acted in a brave and caring manner. Let him rot in jail for all I care.


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