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Family Reunited With Dog Who Was Missing For A Decade

A dog missing for 10 years was reunited with her family.

Dayton, Ohio – A dog who vanished a decade ago is back home with her family. Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (ARC) shared the amazing reunion story with Facebook followers this week, explaining that an embedded microchip is responsible for the unlikely reunion.

The animal welfare agency said:

Thanks to a microchip, Abby was reunited with her family after being missing for TEN YEARS. 😱

The dog, named Abby, was severely underweight when she was first found; so weak that she could barely stand or walk. But she “turned into a happy, wiggly mess the minute her family came to pick her up.”

Abby is thriving back at home where she has already put on 16 pounds. Her family said that she loves to play and go for walks.

Remember the importance of microchips and keeping the contact information up-to-date! Welcome home Abby.

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  1. This dog at some point was probably kept by someone and let go or he escaped!! And he wandered around without food, maybe a drink of water was handy!! BUT why wasn’t there someone that could get this dog, feed and water him, and either put him as found on something like Pawboost, and get a VET to scan for a microchip!! HE would have been home sooner!! These people have been waiting and searching and hoping that their dog would come home, but he didn’t!! And it took near death to bring out the owner from a microchip!! And don’t forget this, IF YOU MOVE, even down the street, change your number, GIVE THE PERSON a call with the microchip a call to let them know!! If he/she is registered, all you have to do is call them and let them know he has not been found, but change the address or phone number!!!

  2. Why it took 10yrs to find his family. And why he was still under weight. And put hidden away from the public and why they was going to euthanized him after 10yrs never uthanize any d9gs they could be stolen pets these pounds should be put in the papers in the first place if this dog was stolen why was he found wondered on the streets. Kill anyone who opens the garden gate and let them wonder helplessly. If I found a dog or puppy I certainly won’t put the poor dog into the pound that is heartless of someone who done that. I would take it home and find the owners my self and take it to the vets to see if the dogs micro chiped

  3. Poor dog was either stolen from her backyard or from somewhere or she escaped and someone found her and didn’t do the right thing which would be to take her to the shelter or a vet to check for a chip. The finder instead selfishly kept her because she was sweet while the family cried themselves to sleep with worry. So glad this dog and family were reunited. And that the family wanted her back. I volunteer with a rescue and some pets found wandering the streets were dumped by their owners. Someone finds the animal, turns it into the shelter and when the shelter calls them (because of the chip) to come get their dog or cat, they so no thanks you can keep them. I don’t want them anymore. Most people suck.


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