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Family Reunited With Dog Who Was Missing For 2 Years

A missing dog was reunited with her family after two years.

Little Rock, Arkansas – A Texas family has been reunited with their dog, who disappeared two years ago. According to the Friends of the Animal Village, the amazing reunion was made possible thanks to the dog’s implanted microchip.

According to the non-profit agency, the dog, named Jill, was scanned for a microchip and the information led to her family, who is living in Texas. In a Facebook post, the organization said:

This family just drove all the way from Texas to be reunited with their beloved Jill at the Little Rock Animal Village. Jill went missing TWO YEARS AGO. This reunion would not have happened had she not been microchipped. They were overjoyed when they got the phone call yesterday afternoon.

No details have been revealed about how Jill disappeared, or where she has been for all this time. The group said that she was picked up by an animal control officer before being scanned for a chip.

Identification tags and microchips are crucial for pets who run away or are stolen. Please remember to keep your contact information up to date!

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  1. Death is final but when one’s dog or cat or other animal companion disappears it is much harder because you don’t know if they are with people who will hurt them, if they are surviving out there on the streets, or whatever situation they are in. Jill is a lucky dog that she made it back home. You can see the family is happen and that she is happy to be back as well.

  2. My cat fell out the 1st floor window when she knocked the screen out while playing with a moth. She was feral before I got her, so I knew she’d survive. Not knowing was hard. After a long cold winter, I found her 9 months later about a mile away. Never stop looking!

    • This is why I installed guard tabs around the window so the screen can’t be pushed out or popped out easily. Before then, I would only open the window a few inches for fear one of the my cats might escape. You are extremely lucky you found her. Most lost cats stay lost. I hope by now you have put a collar on her with a tag and she is microchip just in case. I keep collars/tags on my indoor cats and had them all chipped too just in case of a emergency.

  3. Another article online says the family lost two dogs – Jack and Jill disappeared out of their backyard one day. Sounds like someone probably stole them or let them out on purpose. Luckily they got back one of them. Wish people though would stop keeping dogs in their backyards and allow them in the house where they are safer. What a horrible life living in a yard all your life in all kinds of weather and not getting any regular attention. Dogs are pack animals and you as the humans are their pack. They need to be where you are. It’s frustrating for dogs to hear you inside your home enjoying life while they await outside hoping you eventually come out to see them.



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