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Family Adopts Sweet Kitten Abandoned In Box Outside Of Starbucks

An adorable kitten has a new home after a teenage girl spotted a box outside of Starbucks with the word “Free” written on the outside. According to a touching TikTok video, the teen decided to look in the box and she found a sweet kitten with a note that read, “pls take, cannot take care of it.”

The kitten, now known as Dorothy, got to go home with her finder and she is settling in with her new family.

Followers of the Say Hi To My Little Friends TikTok account are now being treated to multiple videos of sweet Dorothy enjoying her new home. Follow along here.


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  1. bastards. how can you not take care of a kitten and why did you leave it in the street? it could have got out of the box and got killed in the road.



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