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Bucket Of Puppies Abandoned At Construction Site

A litter of puppies was abandoned at a Colorado construction site.

Trinidad, Colorado -Eight tiny puppies were abandoned at a construction site in Trinidad. According to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, the four-week-old puppies were discovered in a bucket and helped to safety by workers at the site.

The litter of abandoned pups is so young that they still require bottle feedings.

Puppies abandoned at construction site
Puppies abandoned at construction site

On August 9, the animal welfare agency said:

These helpless little nuggets range from one to three pounds and need help doing just about everything. They can’t eat, go to the bathroom, or regulate their body temperature, they don’t have any teeth, and oh, did we mention that they were reported to have fleas?

The puppies are receiving round-the-clock care, and they will be cared for by the shelter until they are old enough (and healthy enough) to be put up for adoption. You can help support the shelter’s effort to care for them by making a donation. Find the link to the shelter’s donation site here.

Abandoned puppies rescued from construction site
Abandoned puppies rescued from construction site

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    • People do it all the time. They don’t fix their female dog or cat and suddenly they are pregnant and the owner doesn’t want to deal with the cost of young ones. So, they dumped them somewhere because if they take them to the shelter, there is usually a intake fee per pet. People that can’t afford to even feed one pet, breeding and dumping, horrible cycle.

  1. Don’t all construction sites have cameras for security and safety reasons?? Should be easy to look at the cameras and see who carried in all these puppies. AND whoever did it needs to be arrested and prosecuted for abandoning these innocent beings. What a POS that would do this.

  2. Thankfully the pups are safe now. So how about focusing on the Heath / mental well-being of The Poor MOTHER of the PUPS… All Her Babies Have Been Stolen..! Who Ever has the Mother of these pups needs to be found… asap ‘They’ might have Other Animals who’ll also be in Danger.



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