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Escaped Police K9 Found Playing With Woman’s Dog

Madera County, CA – A Madera County police K9 who escaped from his handler’s home was found playing with a woman’s dog. The Belgian Malinois, Odin, sparked a widespread search after escaping from a fenced yard in the early morning hours on July 2.

Reports of possible sightings were reported by members of the public in the area of Herndon and Chestnut in Fresno, and a reward was offered for Odin’s safe return.

The Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization) is offering a $2,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the return of Odin, and/or who returns him safely to our agency

Odin was eventually located by a good Samaritan who found him happily playing with her own dog, a German shepherd.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office updated concerned Facebook followers with the good news:

Camryn Escoto, seen here with Odin, returned home this evening and found him in her backyard, happily playing with her German Shepherd. Camryn, who lives in the area of Ashlan and Clovis Avenue,

According to the sheriff’s department, Odin’s finder phoned the Clovis police to report the dog; she was unaware that Odin was missing and that the authorities had been searching for him.

Odin was promptly reunited with his handler and he appeared to be in “good spirits” with no signs of injury.

Sheriff Tyson Pogue remarks,

“We cannot thank Ms. Escoto enough for her swift response reporting Odin’s location. Our community has proven once again what a truly tight knit, compassionate, supportive place it is, and we are proud to serve each of you. We feel fortunate and grateful for this outcome, and once again thank all of those who helped the extensive search efforts today.”

Missing police K9 found by good Samaritan
Missing police K9 found by good Samaritan


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  1. Too bad Odin got returned to his handler, being that K9 training is brutal and sadistic behind the scenes. He finally got a chance to be a normal happy dog and play with another. I wish he could have stayed there.

  2. Having worked in law enforcement, I can only pray that Odin was not severely punished for escaping.

    Cruelty is taught and required in K9 units, and whiIe there are a few who don’t like it, they still are required to brutalize the dogs.

    Unfortunately, MOST members of K9 units that I was familiar with were enthusiastic about it, and even hanged and kicked the dogs (and bragged about it) among their peers just to show off. However, to the public, it is vehemently denied and covered up – The Code of Silence.



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