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Horribly Neglected Dog Brought To Shelter By Kind Good Samaritan

Maury County, TN – A horribly neglected dog, suffering from sunburned skin, malnutrition, and mange, was brought to a Tennessee animal shelter by a kind, good Samaritan. The dog, dubbed Tesha, has clearly been suffering for a long time.

Badly neglected dog discovered by good Samaritan
Badly neglected dog discovered by good Samaritan

Her feet are swollen, red, and inflamed. Her skin is crusted and bleeding. Her body is underweight. Life has been hard.

Earlier this week, Maury County Animal Services described their reaction to the neglected dog’s pitiful condition:

No words, simply no words tonight to to describe the unimaginable pain this poor girl suffered while day after day, month after month she slowly progressed to this condition. We have no words to explain the way our hearts broke in half as she was brought into the shelter.

Describing Tesha’s multitude of maladies:

This is one of the worst cases of mange, complicated by sunburn, parasites and malnutrition we have ever seen. Can you imagine this little girl trying to stay alive, away from predators and unkind humans while in this condition? It’s almost too much to comprehend.

The shelter is determined to show Tesha what it means to be loved and to provide her with the extensive veterinary care that she will require to overcome her poor health.

On Wednesday, the agency said:

A special good night sleep tight post from Tesha, which means survivor in Hindu. Our sweet girl has started the slow process of healing. She is wearing a special thundershirt to protect her skin and she’s on a well monitored feeding schedule. More important than almost anything is Tesha finally knows what it feels like to be enveloped in love and to feel safe and cared for.

You can follow Tesha’s progress at this link to the animal shelter’s Facebook page. 

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  1. Poor little Tasha. I pray for her quick healing and for her perfect people to step up and take her home. So many people are just lowdown monsters and should NEVER even be near animals. In fact, those people should not exist.


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