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Elderly Dog, Surrendered To Shelter At 19 Years Of Age, Dies One Day After 20th Birthday

Dallas, TX – An elderly dog, who was surrendered to a Dallas animal shelter at 19 years of age, passed away just a day after celebrating her 20th birthday. Her name was Annie, and she lived her best life during her last year thanks to Lauren Siler and Lisa Flores, hospice fosters for Pawerful Rescue, who made it their mission to spoil the elderly dog for the remainder of her days.

During Annie’s last year, she enjoyed birthday parties and Christmas celebrations…and she endeared herself to millions of people who followed her adventures on Instagram.

This week, Pawerful Rescue let the world know that Annie was gone but assured everyone that the post in her honor was not meant to be sad. The organization’s Instagram post begins:

We don’t want this to be a sad post. In fact we want you to comment below with your favorite Annie memory. Or how she impacted your life. When we first took Annie in we were told at best she had a couple months left…. Yesterday Annie celebrated her one year rescue anniversary!

Explaining why Annie’s passing is not sad…because she not only made it out of the animal shelter, but she defied the odds stacked against her and lived a remarkable final year. The rescue said:

Annie had the life we pray every senior dog we rescue gets to experience. Annie didn’t just live out this past year… she THRIVED!

According to the rescue agency, Annie was humanely euthanized after developing bloat.

Rest in peace sweet girl.

Watch a beautiful tribute video to Annie on Instagram here.



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  1. That”s amazing !! Thank You to everyone who made her last year, also her best year. Though she didn’t enjoy her 20th year, at least she went quickly and didn’t suffer much.


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