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Dogs Died When Flood Waters Overwhelmed Doggy Daycare Facility

Multiple dogs died when a wall collapsed at a doggy daycare during a storm that caused flooding.

Washington D.C. – On Monday, multiple dogs at a doggy daycare facility in Washington D.C. died when flood waters overwhelmed the structure, causing a wall to collapse. The tragic incident happened at the District Dogs business on Rhode Island Avenue.

At a press conference, EMS Chief John Donnelly said:

“The emotions, it’s hard to watch; it’s unbearable. This is losing a member of your family or being scared that you did.”

According to WUSA9 News, rescuers were able to save 20 dogs from the facility, but it is unknown how many perished. According to local news coverage of the tragedy, this facility has experienced flooding, including three times in one month last year.

Newscaster Lesli Foster said there are questions about how this happened from a “run-of-the-mill storm in August.”

A dog rescued from flooded doggy daycare
A dog rescued from flooded doggy daycare

Jacob Hensley, the dog daycare business owner, released a statement on Twitter:

“The District Dogs Family is heartbroken over the events that occurred at our Rhode Island Avenue location this evening. We appreciate the quick and heroic actions of our employees and first responders to rescue animals. We are focused on doing everything we can to support the impacted employee and customers during this difficult time. We have no further details at this time, while we continue to work with DC officials reviewing the incident.”

Multiple dogs died in flood waters at doggy daycare
Multiple dogs died in flood waters at doggy daycare

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  1. Por favor , no siempre puedo traducir todos los textos correctamente . Mi inglés es bastante precario . Por favor , traducción al español en paralelo .

  2. If it is a doggy day care, where were the staff? They have a responsibility to care for and keep the dogs safe, like children. So many questions about what happened.



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