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Dog Shut Down In Overcrowded Shelter Where Dogs Are Forced To Live In Crates

Darlington, SC – A South Carolina animal shelter is struggling to keep up with the constant intake of unwanted dogs. In fact, conditions at the facility are so bad that dogs are being forced to live in crates because there is simply no room.

An Instagram account is trying to get the word out that this shelter is in desperate need of help, posting a video of the pitiful situation and writing:

This is the Darlington County Humane Society in Darlington, South Carolina! This rural Carolina shelter is severely overcrowded. The staff and volunteers are doing everything they can to save these babies and get them out of the shelter alive. Dogs are living in crates!!

One of the dogs in the video is shut down and appears to have completely given up.

Please help get the word out that this shelter is in trouble and needs help! You CAN make a difference by donating, fostering, sharing adoption posts, and volunteering (if you live in the area).

Watch the video here

Find the shelter’s website here.

Find the shelter on Facebook here.

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  1. One time I went to the vet to pick up my little Heidi after surgery and heard pitiful wailing and howling and yelping from the other room. Turned out it was my Heidi doing all of that, and my heart broke for her. It was simply being in a cage that did that to her, aside from waking up from the anesthesia. To make animals live in strict confinement alone is ABUSE. Who is causing this serious abuse of countless dogs? DOG BREEDERS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!! They are at the big rotten root of the “surplus” dog problem. They have got to be STOPPED for good and never allowed to start up again. All dog breeders are guilty of FELONY animal cruelty whether anyone wants to admit it or not. If anyone goes simpleton on me and says “good breeders find responsible homes for all their puppies,” well, just don’t. Do not do it. 🤬

    • I run a rescue – Cochise Canine Rescue – in Arizona. we deal with animals at so-called municipal “shelters” daily. It is breeders for sure but also people who get tired of caring for their animals, people who want a puppy instead of an aging dog, people sadly losing their home and moving into an apartment which does not allow animals or at least not larger dogs….No one in rescue has seen it this bad…EVER.
      Keep in mind 80% of cats are generally put down for lack of a new home.
      If you have one or two cats, taking in another is literally little work. (We run a dog rescue but have 8 cats including 3 with life-long illnesses.)
      If you have a dog, s/he would generally love a buddy…consider taking in one.
      SAVE A LIFE.

      • Thank you for your rescue work…made ever harder and more heartbreaking by the vile BREEDERS out there continually churning out “product” for ignorant people.
        “…people who want a puppy…” And dog breeder$ are always there to provide all of those trendy puppies to whomever has a downpayment. There are even the lowest of deranged lowlives that get a kick out of buying (or stealing) purebred puppies or other animals from breeders and “pet” stores and then abusing/killing them straight away, or just providing them with sad, neglectful existences. The sadists don’t care about the downpayment. They get them from rescues too. We read about them here and sign sickening petitions.
        We have 4 rescue dogs who have only two aging people to rely on, so we’re more than full. But other kind, responsible people who have better situations should definitely rescue at least two animals from this hell of a world. Please!

  2. Thank you for calling out the truth about breeders. From the scum-of-the-earth puppy mills to the so-called “responsible or ethical” dog breeders (and cat and horse breeders)–ALL OF THEM ARE GUILTY for creating the very tragic overpopulation problem.



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