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Dog Rescued From Dumpster – Owner Claims He Thought The Dog Was Dead

Adams County, Ohio – Last week, a family taking out their trash discovered a dog who was thrown away in a dumpster. As reported by WKRC News, the Chihuahua was in a trash bag and the good Samaritans who found him say that they could see him breathing inside of the plastic bag.

Ashley Nesbitt tells the news agency:

“That was probably one of the harder parts, not only seeing the dog in distress, but seeing that they placed this poor animal inside of a bag with other trash, like he was nothing.”

The discarded dog, Ollie, belongs to Nick Stewart, who claims that he tripped over his pet while moving and thought that the dog died. Stewart said:

“I understand I didn’t handle it the correct way. Like I said, I used poor judgment. Just in the moment, I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

For now, Ollie is in the care of the Adams County Dog Warden; whether or not he will be returned to his owner remains to be seen.

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  1. Slap the cuffs on this moron…or better yet, can someone throw him in a dumpster and lock the lid, then say, “oh, sorry, I thought he was dead”. Guess I wasn’t using the best judgement.

  2. He “tripped” over his dog??? And this guy thinks he killed him??? Whether he did or didn’t trip over him, he should NOT get this dog back!!! this dog could end up in a dumpster somewhere else because this attempt to actually kill his dog was not successful!!! FIND A LOVING HOME FOR THIS DOG!!

  3. thi guy is an sob who needs jail time. never to own any dog ever again. put a label on him. i think people like this should get tatooed on their forehead. i am a dog killer. and wear it for life.we all need to know what kindo f schmuck murderder people are. yoiu dont trip over a dog and think its dead. story doesnt make sense at all and is clearly a lie.

  4. Is there anything we can do (petition?) to share our opinion that this dog should NOT go back to the owner? It’s absurd to me that they’d even consider returning the dog and if this is truly his excuse, I think at minimal he should be prevented from having future pets and offered a mental evaluation.

  5. Everyone is going after this owner as if they knew the entire situation, which they don’t. The owner could have been an older individual, ill equipped to dig a hole to bury the dog. It could’ve been someone without the transportation to dispose of the dog by driving to the pound. They thought the dog had died. He said he tripped over the dog, not that tripping over him caused the dog to have died. Other people have buried their dogs after they were hit by cars & assumed to be dead. The buried dogs have clawed their way out of the dirt & found their way home. Dogs can go into a coma, just like people.
    And lastly, the dog has been with this person their whole life. And, the guy obviously loves the dog. There are enough unwanted dogs & cats. Thousands are put down every week.
    Give the guy back his dog if the dog seems otherwise well cared for.
    And, to the many who wish to take this dog, GO FOSTER A SHELTER PET AND SAVE A LIFE. (Replies unnecessary).

    • If bagging a dog and throwing it in the dumpster is how he “obviously loves the dog” neither you or him should have animals of any kind. Someone who has had a dog its whole life wouldnt have a lapse in judgement, or carelessly throw it away. Seriously ignorant is a definite possibility. Don’t EVER make excuses or turn a blind eye for OBVIOUS animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect.

    • The guy “obviously loves the dog”. Seriously??? Putting the dog into a trash bag with other trash tells you everything you need to know about how he feels about his dog. This guy absolutely should NOT be given this dog back.

  6. Oh please; if this “man” gets this precious little dog back then the entire system is severely mentally deranged.



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