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Dog Rescued After Days With Plastic Jug Stuck On His Head

Carleton, Michigan – A dog is safe after spending several days with a plastic jug stuck on his head. As reported by Detroit Free Press, a good Samaritan captured the pup and took him to The Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary for care.

On Monday, the rescue group said:

He is safe after spending the last 3 day with a jar on his head, Kim Broman Canales caught him. Thank you. 
Donations will helps cover his Neuter, vaccines, flea/rick meds, microchip and any additional medical needs this boy will need 🧡

The dog, nicknamed Cheeto for the jug that was stuck on his head, is underweight and young. The rescue group is hopeful that the dog can be returned to his owner.

In videos uploaded to the rescue group’s Facebook page, you can see the rescued pooch sitting nicely for treats, and offering a paw when asked. According to the news agency, if Cheeto is not reunited with his family, he is welcome to stay with the rescue group, on their 12-acre farm.

Find the rescue group’s Facebook page here. 

(Images via Facebook/Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary)

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  1. Poor hungry boy; I’m glad he was saved and now has a place to stay and be cared for…too bad about that vaccine ritual though.



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