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Animal Control Saves Cat Who Got Trapped In Base Of Cell Tower

San Antonio, TX – A cat is alive thanks to a good Samaritan and animal control officers in San Antonio. According to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, a good Samaritan referred to as “Mr. M” discovered the distressed cat inside the cell tower’s base.

The animal welfare agency said:

Mr. M urgently reached out to 3-1-1, seeking immediate assistance. Responding promptly, Animal Care Officer Cortez arrived at the scene, and together, they embarked on a challenging mission to ensure Mark’s safety and extraction.

The cat was secured and transported to the Animal Emergency Room to ensure that he had not suffered any issues from the frightening ordeal. Thankfully, the cat, dubbed Mark, appeared to be unscathed. The animal welfare agency said, “His physical resilience was a silver lining in an otherwise perplexing situation.”

Mark has been neutered and “reintroduced to the community” once he was healthy enough. The agency said:

Now, he can now resume a life of normalcy as a community cat and hopefully stay out of purrilous situations.

The animal care services agency said:

Thank you, Mr. M and Officer Cortez, for your unwavering dedication in rescuing Mark from certain tragedy! If you see an animal in need, please make a report by dialing 3-1-1 or online by visiting

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