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Dog Hospitalized After Being Stung Hundreds Of Times By Swarm Of Bees

Update: According to a Fox Los Angeles News report, Chance did not survive. His owner told the news agency:

“He fought as hard as he could. even though we were hoping he would recover, for as young as he was, with his body and organs it was just too much.”

Rest in peace Chance.

Perris, CA
– A young dog was hospitalized after being stung hundreds of times by a swarm of angry bees. The two-year-old dog, named Chance, was attacked after a swarm of bees was disturbed by a neighbor who was attempting to remove them from a fence.

According to Fox LA, Tommy Baker attempted to get professional help to remove the bee hive, but the bee removal companies never returned his calls. After doing some online research, he attempted to undertake the hive removal himself. But he was shocked by the size of the hive. He told the news agency:

“I saw how big [the hive] was. It was very surprising to me. That was not what I expected when I opened it up. How agitated they were was not like anything I had ever seen before.”

The angry bees flew toward a neighbor’s home and set their sights on Chance, stinging him over 700 times and making him sick enough that he had to be admitted to a veterinary hospital for blood transfusions.

Over $10,000 has been donated toward a fundraiser to help cover the climbing veterinary expenses. On May 20, a promising update was posted to the GoFundMe:

Chance received a blood transfusion this evening and is showing signs of improvement. He’s wagging his tail and he’s much more alert. He’s still not out of the woods. Doctors are monitoring him closely and checking his blood to see if a second transfusion will be needed. Chance is so strong and fighting so hard. Thank You for all the support. We’re praying for him to get through this so we can bring him home.

You can make a donation, and/or follow Chance’s progress at this link to his GoFundMe.

If a dog is stung multiple times or by a large number of bees, it can lead to a severe reaction because of the toxins in the bee venom which can have systemic effects on the dog’s body, causing symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, fever, and in rare cases, organ failure.

If your dog is stung by a swarm of bees, it is important to monitor them closely for any signs of an allergic reaction or severe systemic symptoms. If you notice any concerning symptoms, it is best to contact a veterinarian immediately for guidance. They can assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment, which may include antihistamines, pain medication, or, in severe cases, emergency care to manage anaphylaxis or other complications.

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  1. I know the neighbor with the beehive meant no harm but I hope he helped some with the medical costs. What a horrible thing for that poor dog, My daughter was stung by multiple bees when she was 6 and though it was not even close to 700 bees, it was very scary and painful. It must have been so much worse for Chance.

  2. Not only can bees be a danger, but, if you’re a dog parent living in an area with venomous snakes, be sure to ask your vet if they stock antivenin, or if they know of another vet clinic not too far away that does, because if your dog(s), heaven forbid, get bitten, time is of the essence.



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