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Dog Honored For Saving Life Of Man Having A Heart Attack

Japan – An intuitive dog was recently honored for saving the life of a man who was having a heart attack at a horse riding club in Japan. According to sources, the mixed-breed dog, Koume, began barking incessantly when a man in his 50s collapsed at the Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, horse riding club in late February.

Koume was known to be a quiet dog, but on February 25 she would not stop barking when the man collapsed. Because of her barks, the man’s life-or-death situation was discovered, enabling staff to call for emergency help. One fire department official said, “Koume’s action in calling for help and the staff’s actions were a perfect response.”

Emergency responders were able to revive the man and he survived. In fact, as reported by CNN, the man recuperated enough to return to riding at the club.

The Wakaba Fire Department honored Koume’s efforts with a certificate. Great job Koume!

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