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Disturbing Video Shows Horses Being Dragged Behind Truck On Residential Street

Farmington, Utah – On September 8, surveillance video captured a truck driving on a residential street with two horses tethered behind a trailer. The horses struggle to keep up and the video eventually shows one of the horses stumbling before collapsing onto the road.

A horse collapses while being pulled behind a truck
A horse collapses while being pulled behind a truck

A good Samaritan is able to intervene after the horse fully collapses on the street. The truck pulling the horses stops and eventually, the horse is able to get back on its feet. Evidence of the dragging, in the form of visible scrapes on the road, remained after the vehicle and horses were gone.

As reported by KJZZ News, the Farmington police were made aware of the incident but said that it did not warrant animal cruelty charges. However, animal control has taken over an investigation.

Watch the video at this link.

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  1. The Utah police didn’t this warrant animal cruelty? They should be off the force for good?!
    They don’t conceive what cruelty is, so they in their actions can do what they want! No empathy, that means it will be lacking with humans or animals, they are guilty as they person doing this barbaric action.

  2. I totally agree with Mary and that’s why it’s so important to take every report of animal cruelty serious or this will never stop! I don’t know what else covers animal cruelty are you kidding me that driver knew that horse was down he had to of his truck would’ve driven completely different the second it fell to the ground the weight of that horse alone wouldve jerked the truck and furthermore someone should’ve been watching them to begin with! Hope those horses are okay and with people who truly love and care about them!

  3. Deeply disturbing!!! This should have been investigated and driver should have been punished!!! He certainly should not have been allowed to keep the horses!!!.

  4. Utah police need to do their job, it is not their call to judge what cruelty is. The DA needs to charge them and let a judge and jury do their job.

  5. What kind of demented evil!!! Are they fucking serious??? Put that garbage on the Breaking Wheel and shatter his limbs. Thread his broken arms and legs through the spokes and parade his depraved ass down the street. I’m so darn sick and tired of such cruelty that goes unpunished. I call for vigilante justice!!!

  6. A lot of law enforcement personnel are completely desensitized, as are a lot of members of the public in this deeply disturbed society. A good rule of thumb would be to apply the circumstances of the crime to THEM and then let them say whether it is cruel or not. They’d be talking out the other side of their mouth, undoubtedly. That’s how bullies and cowards are.

    • I live close to Utah, their police apparently have no control over the state and haven’t for decades. My father was mugged in the early 90s, my parents were turned away at the Salt Lake City precinct because the police did not have control of the city at night. They were told to come back the next day after the sun was up. Traffic laws are not enforced, the speed limit will be 55 and everyone is flying 70 or higher. Salt Lake City cops stated they will not investigate hit and runs unless they are fatal because there are so many every single day.
      I am not surprised they won’t bother investigating this. What makes me even more sick, the driver probably stole the horses. We have been seeing a gigantic rise in horse thefts across the country where pets are stolen and killed for their meat. The whole story is disgusting and there won’t be anything done because Utah prefers to regulate things like keeping beer to almost no alcohol, and ensuring tithes are paid properly but doesn’t seem to care about actual crime 🙁

  7. What are you, and can all of us, do to get justice for this poor innocent? I don’t want that man ever near an animal again. It is felony animal abuse. Please give us a petition. Prepare to sue the police department, something…please?????

  8. The story says ‘the Farmington police were made aware of the incident but said that it did not warrant animal cruelty charges’. Hello, how is dragging a horse down the street or forcing it to run after a vehicle not cruel and illegal? What worthless cops, UT should be embarrassed. And what’s animal control going to do? If they found that the act was cruel, they are going to turn the case over to the police and again they said they aren’t going to do shit. Its a useless circle of BS. Someone needs to steal those horses off the owner’s property and move them across state lines to a private residence where they can’t be found. And where they will be free to run in a pasture and not be tortured by vehicle dragging. Horses and other farm animals need to be transported via a trailer only. And if you don’t have a transport trailer you shouldn’t have large animals. Disgusting owner, makes me sick.

  9. Can’t we get a petition going to 1) hold the driver of the truck for animal abuse; and 2) investigate the lack of enforcement. There’s gotta be something we can do.

  10. So sad for those poor horses if no one will do anything to save them from this man even though the it’s on video he will feel free to do more. This was in public and the police looked the other way. This man has probably been abusing them poor things for years. They should be removed from him.

  11. What’s wrong with people? And why was that sick man not charged of animal cruelty? What’s animal cruelty for people in authority…when an animal dies because of human cruelty? I don’t understand.



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