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Disney’s Beloved Cat, Nutmeg, Has Passed Away

Anaheim, CA – A fluffy orange cat named Nutmeg has passed away. The cat, known to roam areas of Disney’s California Adventure, was one of the feral cats on the Disneyland property who helped keep rodents at bay.

Nutmeg enjoyed spending time near the Magic Key Terrace and became a favorite of resort visitors.

According to Walt Disney News, cast and crew members also adored the friendly feline. Nutmeg even had a drink named in her honor (from a “secret” menu, featuring Myers dark rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, and apricot liqueur).

Guests can follow the adventures of Disney’s feral cat population on Instagram (click here).

Rest in peace Nutmeg.

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  1. Thank goodness Disney has lead the way for decades when it comes to TNR – trap neuter return. Their cat colonies in different parts of the park has been welcomed by the public and they are loved…well from a far LOL. feral cats play a important role in the ecosystem and should be protected and treated like wildlife. They keep rodent populations down and even insects like roaches (both are yummy protein to them). There are still many cities across american where they trap and kill ferals thinking they have no value or shouldn’t be allowed to live since they are wild. Feral cats existed long before man and will continue living after we are gone because they are survivors and smart. God bless the Disney cats.

    • She certainly was quite beautiful. Thank you all so much for giving her the care and love she deserved.


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