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After 246 Days, 3-Legged Dog Reunited With Owner

Iowa City, IA – A resourceful dog managed to survive on his own for 246 days, despite having only three legs. His name is Kinnick and he spent months eluding capture after getting spooked while on a walk with his owner, Annabelle Lewis.

According to Paws of Hope Animal Rescue, the adopted dog had only been living with his owner for a couple of weeks when he got scared on a walk and pulled his leash out of Annabelle’s hands.

Rescue efforts were promptly put into motion, but Kinnick was elusive. The agency said:

He knew his routes, he knew where the food bowls for other critters were, and he knew not to stay in one location too long, but would venture back, almost seemingly on purpose as if he was trying to throw us off. He didn’t fall for our live traps.

Fortunately, the team searching for Kinnick was also resourceful and they never gave up. The rescue agency said:

It came down to tracking. Normally the sight of snow is exciting for children and some adults. The first snowfall was exciting for us. Members of our team were out tracking and searching for those fresh 3 legged paw prints. Of course, Kinnick covers so much ground that it came down to pinpoint where the majority of them were, and set the cameras and food station. Bingo.

The group expressed gratitude to the community that pitched in to help find the resourceful pup and their hope that Kinnick’s days of wandering are over:

Kinnick, on behalf of the Paws of Hope team, we are hoping you’ve had your fair share of exploring the Iowa city area. You’ve shown us parts of Iowa City as life long Iowans, that we’ve never seen. Thank you for the tour. We love you buddy! 🐾❤️

Find Paws of Hope Animal Rescue on Facebook at this link.

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