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Desperate Search For Dog Stuck In RV After Owner’s Death

Update: After the publication of this article, Savina posted an update about this missing RV, writing:

Thanks to all of you wonderful humans and your efforts, two amazing people (Christina D and April) found Danny’s RV this morning and a possible location for Rockette. We are currently working on finding out where she was supposedly taken and I will update this post when I have more information on her whereabouts. I don’t want to post too much here about what happened yet, as I don’t want to jeopardize her safety, so please have patience as we navigate this situation. I will keep you posted just as soon as I can.

Fallbrook, CA – A desperate search is underway for a dog who is believed to be trapped inside of an RV in Fallbrook following the death of a man who lived in the motorhome. A family friend has turned to the rescue community in an attempt to find the dog before it’s too late.

She writes:


Explaining that the German Shepherd, Rockette, is believed to be inside of the man’s motorhome:

My sister’s friend Danny passed away on Wednesday, May 17th (sorry, I originally got the day wrong when I wrote this – the correct day of his passing was Wednesday) and his beloved dog Rockette is likely in the motorhome where they lived. Unfortunately, no one knows where the motorhome is, so Rockette is trapped.

The woman, Savina, has updated her post with additional information:

I just spoke with a SD County Sheriff’s Deputy (who was so kind and helpful, btw) and he remembers talking with Danny. He was the one who talked with Danny about not parking at Albertsons or the library. He said that the RV is one of the shorter kinds, not the really long ones and Danny towed the blue 4-Runner, so it’s most likely still attached to the RV. Unfortunately the Deputy didn’t remember what kinds of markings are on the RV, but knowing that it’s a shorter model with a 4-Runner most likely either attached or close by is a good start!

And a description from someone familiar with the man’s motorhome:

“It was one of the driveable ones, not the towables. More like the size of a van. Some darker colored designs on the side with some coffee-like colors. Maybe had some red in there, too. Looked kind of newer- in the last 10-15 years probably.”

Hundreds of people have commented on Savina’s post, offering suggestions and potential sightings. You can learn more at this link to her public Facebook post and please, leave a comment and/or message her if you have information about Rockette.

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  1. Here’s an update for those who don’t have Facebook or who don’t want to visit the Facebook page: Rockette has been found, is safe, and a friend of the man’s family is keeping her. YAY!!!!! Such great news!!!!! ♥


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