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Desperate For Love, Overlooked Dog Is Deteriorating In Kennel Run That Is Devoid Of Enrichment

Update 6/27/2023: Padme has been saved! Paws For Life Rescue has pulled Padme from the shelter and she will be available for adoption after undergoing a veterinary exam, bloodwork, and being spayed. Follower her rescuers on Facebook here.

Devore, CA – A dog described as “10 kinds of love,” is deteriorating behind the bars of her lonely kennel run at the San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter. The four-year-old dog, Padme, has been sitting in her stark run since early April, and the months of confinement have taken a toll.

Now, Padme is showing signs of kennel stress, and she has developed an upper respiratory infection – two things that put her at the top of the “euthanasia” list.

An advocate writes:

My heart is breaking for Padme. She’s been at the deadly Devore facility waiting for a Hero since April 6th, 2023. That’s exactly two months now.


This poor girl is so sweet and lovable. Her cramped tiny cage is nowhere for any dog. In her video she paces with anxiety but calms down significantly when receiving back scratches and pets. Please keep sharing this precious girl for rescue.

The clock is ticking and time is not on Padme’s side. Please share her adoption information and help her find someone who can give her the life that she deserves.

Adoption profile here.

ID# A777941
Located: Devore Shelter
Name: My name is Med Adopt Padme.
Description: I am a black and tan, unaltered female, who looks like a Shepherd mix.
Age: I am estimated to be 4 years old.
More Info: I am in kennel D 64.
I have been at the shelter since Apr 06, 2023

Location: San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter
Phone Number: (909) 386-9820
Address: 19777 Shelter Way
Devore, CA 92407

Note: Please reach out to the shelter for all inquiries about this dog. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this shelter, or this dog. Thank you.

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    • I hope my posts on Twitter, Facebook and Xing will be seen by online friends who live close and one of them will apply for the pup.

  1. Doesn’t anyone take her out for walks, play with her, excersise her. How about treats, how about reading to her. Don’t they do THEIR JOB there??? 😡😡😡🤨🤨. Give playtime. Take newer Pics with wearing maybe a bowtie, or a tie, a funny hat, sun glasses. Make him look more appealing, NoT just another Dog in a Kennel!! Seems like you have no Better ideas to get him adopted out! Do you not have an imagination? Ways of getting dogs/cats adopted instead of letting them Rot in there!!! You go sit hr after hr, day after day, no contact no fun & see How YOU TURN OUT!!! 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤨🤨🤨

    • I hate the US (kill) shelters anyway, in Germany there´re even adoption shows on TV, where dogs or cats are shown in relaxed situations, and we do not have any kill shelters here anyway, also none have our Dutch, Swiss & Austrian neighbours and the Australians. If one shelter is overcrowded they send some pets to another shelter that still has capacities or to fosters.

  2. I post such crossposts on Twitter, on my public Facebook timeline and on Xing, #SharingIsCaring for me who lives in SW Germany, good luck, paws crossed for precious pup Padme.



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