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Dept. of Corrections K9 Found Dead Inside Of Vehicle

A department of corrections K9 was found dead inside of a vehicle parked at the Utah State Correctional Facility on Thursday evening.

Salt Lake City, UT – On Thursday evening, a Utah Department of Corrections K9 was found dead inside a vehicle parked at the Utah State Correctional Facility. On July 14, the Utah Department of Corrections issued a public release about the death of Loki, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois who joined their department in 2017.

The agency said, “With a heavy heart, we announce the passing of Loki, our beloved K9 officer, who faithfully served the Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) for six years.”

Dept. of Corrections K9, Loki
Dept. of Corrections K9 Loki

The department said that Loki was one of seven K9s on their team and played a vital role in drug detection, fugitive apprehension, facility security, and emergency response at the Utah State Correctional Facility and Central Utah Correctional Facility.

The tragic incident, believed to be heat-related, is under investigation. UDC Executive Director Brian Redd said:

“We are heartbroken by the loss of Loki, who served this department faithfully for six years. We are mourning along with all of our staff, and at the same time, we are committed to fully investigating the circumstances of Loki’s passing.”

As reported by Fox 13 News, the vehicle that Loki died in has a heat detection system in place. Investigators will try to determine if the system failed, or if the failure resulted from human error.

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  1. jesus what does it take for idiots to stop leaving dogs in cars? i don’t care if there are safety devices or not obviously that aren’t worth a shit since this is yet another k9 dog dying this way.

    • When are they going to learn that K9 Officers or any Dog should NEVER BE LEFT ALONE IN A CAR!!

      I am getting to the point that if a person does something this Unconscionable that the punishment should match the crime/deed!! Let’s put the monster(handler) who left Hero Loki alone in the car to suffer a Horrific death in a Car alone to go through the same thing and die!!! I am normally not a vindictive person but I am tired of hearing about more K9 Officers dying like this!!

  2. Who leaves a dog in a locked car especially in the summer where it takes only a few minutes for the internal temperature to rise enough to kill a dog?? This happens way to often!! The K9 officer who killed his dog from outright stupidity needs to be permanently removed from K9 duty and be made to reimburse the department for the cost of this poor neglected dog and its training!! If you’re too stupid not to know that overheating can kill a dog, no matter what safe guards are in place, then you have NO right to be given the responsibility of a dog!!😑😑😑

  3. THIS IS BEYOND HEARTBREAKING!! How Many Of Our K9 Officers Have to Die due to The Stupidity of Humans!!!

    Heat Alarm Systems Should Never Ever Be Used!!

    How About Common Sense????




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