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Cat Found Alongside Road Two Days After Lyft Driver Drove Off, Leaving Her Owner Behind

Austin, TX – A cat has been reunited with her owner after two frightening days on her own. As reported by WSAZ News, Palash Pandey took his cat, Tux, to a veterinary appointment on Saturday in a Lyft vehicle – before Pandey could remove Tux’s carrier from the car, the driver left.

Pandey explains:

“Just walking from one door to the other and just doing that, he started peeling off. I’m running behind him banging on his doors and banging on his windows, and he just takes off.”

Lyft assisted Pandey in his search efforts – sending out alerts and hiring investigators to track the missing cat down.

On Monday, the search effort was finally met with success.

Lyft investigators found Tux a mile from the veterinary clinic – she was no longer in her carrier, but she was not injured. Pandey has commented on the frightening ordeal:

“I tried communicating with him in every way possible, and he did not respond to me. He only called me back once police called him first,”

The company is investigating the incident.

(Photos via screenshot/WSAZ News)

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  1. The driver needs to be criminally charged with stealing the cat, pay for any medical care they cat might need after its ordeal and the company he works for should have immediately fired him. Someone needs to get a hold of his picture and post it on social media so future ride share customers can avoid him all together.

  2. I blasted Lyft immediately after reading the first chapter of this story. Thank you for the update. Posted it, too, encouraging readers to do likewise. Awaiting the results of the investigation and certainly urging the driver be fired and barred from working from any ridesharing service.

  3. WTF is wrong with this driver??? Did he actually believe he wouldn’t be caught??? And he did this for what — some laughs??? He’s not laughing now, and I hope he’s out of a job, and double-triple hope he gets curb-stomped.

  4. The rotten bastard should be left dead on side of the road! That poor innocent cat must have been terrified!! Get this sick bastard and do him in!

  5. Even if the driver was unaware of the. At still being in the car, once he realized it he should have returned back to the clinic & returned the cat instead he left her on the side of the road at risk of being killed by traffic, attack by another animal or slow starvation. No mention of whether the driver was fired or arrested for animal abandonment/cruelty. I hope he got both.

    • I doubt we’ll ever know, since, like most companies, they won’t make any action taken against this driver public, per their confidentiality policies. So, unless there’s an updated news story, we’ll never know. Since most publicly traded companies don’t want to lose shareholders, they won’t say a thing. Kind of like when a school or church doesn’t take action against pedophile teachers or pastors…they don’t want to tarnish their “image”. Businesses can’t even go into specifics any longer about why an employee was fired (I’m talking about things like theft, sexual crimes, violence, etc.). They can only state that, yes or no, so and so did/didn’t work here, or if they quit or were fired. That’s it. It’s sad how paranoid businesses have to be in the last 3 decades because of lawsuits filed…by criminals.



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