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Brazen Coyote Attack Nearly Kills Small Dog Trying To Protect Canine ‘Sister’

Dracut, Massachusetts – A small dog in Dracut is recovering from a brazen coyote attack that happened right in front of his owner, in his very own front yard. The Chihuahua, Jose, belongs to Katie Breck, who tells CBS News:

“The coyote came right from my left side and it just shot past me and straight onto him. It latched onto him, and clamped down on him.”

Jose was outside with his canine sister, Bambi, for a potty break when the coyote attacked.

Breck said:

“It was so fast. I didn’t know what was happening until he was crying and screaming,”

Jose survived, but he was badly injured and taken to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital for care. The hospital said:

Coyote alert! ❗️🐺 This tough little guy is Jose, a 9-lb. Chihuahua Mix who took on a coyote last week to protect his smaller sister Bambi. The coyote attacked the two dogs in their front yard in Dracut on an early morning potty run, even with their owner present.

Jose was in shock and badly bruised when he arrived at the veterinary hospital, but round-the-clock care in the ICU, a blood transfusion, and surgery helped save his life. The veterinary hospital said:

There were a few times we feared he wouldn’t make it. But thanks to the expertise, love, and dedication from his healthcare pack, he pulled through! Jose went home to recover with the support of Bambi by his side. He’s a strong little guy!

Reminding dog owners to be vigilant:

We want to reiterate how very important it is to keep your dog on a leash, be extra diligent from dusk to dawn, and keep your small dogs close. If you do encounter a coyote, BE LOUD! 📣 Start yelling, waving your hands, and making yourself as known as possible.

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