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Brave Dog Chases Bear Away From Four-Year-Old Boy

A brave dog chased a bear away from a frightened boy in Connecticut.

Sherman, CT – Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. Aside from their boundless affection, and unconditional love, is their unwavering loyalty. Recently, a surveillance video showing a brave dog’s efforts to protect a little boy from a bear perfectly shows why we love them so much.

On Saturday, a four-year-old boy named Gavin was outside with his dog, Jake. According to WTNH News, the faithful golden retriever sprang into action when a black bear frightened the boy.

When Gavin started to run away, Jake bravely ran after the bear, chasing it away from the little boy and ensuring that he was safe. Nobody was hurt in the encounter, and Jake was celebrated by his family for being the good boy that he was.

Gavin’s dad, Gregory, said:

“He got quite a few treats, he got ice cream, he got a bath that night. He got the whole nine yards… He helped us out that day for sure.”


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