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At Nearly 17 Years of Age, Blind Dog in Need of a New Home

An elderly, blind dog lost her home through no fault of her own and now she needs a new place for the final chapter of her life.

Benton, Louisiana – At nearly 17 years of age, a blind dog finds herself in need of a new home after being surrendered by her owner. The elderly dog, Chloe Sue, was surrendered to Ninna’s Road to Rescue because her owner fell on hard times and could no longer care for her.

According to the animal welfare agency, Chloe Sue’s energy level is “low low low,” and she has several age-related physical issues, including arthritis and hair loss. The organization provided a list of things that Chloe Sue would like potential adopters to know about her:

1. “I have lived my entire life with one human;
2. I slept in a dog bed in the mud room of my former home;
3. I don’t remember when I lost my sight but because I can’t see, I would need to stay in an area that I can get used to;
4. I don’t mind car rides, bad weather or fireworks;
5. I don’t know anything about a leash;
6. I am pee-pad trained but I do miss sometimes because I am blind;
7. I don’t mind baths or my nails being trimmed;
8. I can still hear a little bit when it’s loud noises or high-pitched sounds;
9. I’m really tiny so I really need someone who can protect me;
10. I don’t know how much longer I have so I would love a home that understands that I’m old, that my joints and bones are stiff sometimes, that I may walk funny, that I just mainly want to sleep and be warm and get a snuggle and a scratch every now and then.

Chloe Sue (female)
Intake date: 7/13/2023
DOB 12/16/2006
4.10 pounds
Adoption fee: $50, which includes vetting, microchip

Good with other dogs: yes
Cats: yes

If you are a well-qualified adopter who wants to give this elderly girl a loving home to enjoy for the remainder of her life, you can find an adoption application at this link.

Please note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the rescue group. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or the rescue agency.

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  1. I am in Washington state but if she can come here, we will happily adopt her.

    My husband and I have lots of experience with special needs dogs and cats.


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