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Animal Services Rescues Cat Hiding On Sailboat For A Week After Owner Died

Martin County, FL – Animal Services officers rescued a cat who was stuck onboard a sailboat where his owner had died a week earlier. According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the cat’s owner had been dead for a week before anyone became aware of the death and the cat was on the boat with the body the entire time.

On Saturday, the authorities said:

It was a difficult task, but MCSO’s Animal Services Officers could not, and would not give up trying to save a cat left behind on sailboat after his owner passed away onboard.


The individual lived on the boat with his cat. When detectives from Stuart Police Department removed the man’s body, they realized the terrified pet was unwilling to be taken out.

The professionals patiently worked to capture the frightened cat and they were eventually met with success.

Officers Tabitha Queen and Shannon McGee made entry on to the boat in Tyvek suits for their safety. A short time later, the officers safely removed the animal.

The sheriff’s office commended the animal services team for not giving up on the cat.

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  1. Noticing the cat appears to be eartipped, so may be more of a feral/working cat than a pet cat. I hope they make the extra effort to find a suitable home for him or her.

    • Lots of pet cats get dumped by a hole owners then trapped when they find food at a colony, us trappers will then get a rescue or shelter to adopt out. Tipped just meant already fixed but still adoptable if friendly


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